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About AllWorkoutPlans

Welcome to AllWorkoutPlans, where we provide a great workouts and exercises for each muscle group.

Over 2900 exercises to search from depending on your level and equipment at hand

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How do I filter the exercises?

  • Step 1 Filter the Categories that you want
  • Step 2 Press the "Find Exercises" Button
  • Step 3 Refine search by typing in the filter exercises box and searching
  • Step 4 Keep chosen filters but reset exercises
  • Click Start again if you want to reset everything

How do I find the plans?

In the navigation you will find links to each plan type that has a different focus.

What if I dont know what the exercise is or how to perform it?

Here are three options

  • Follow the demonstrations provided
  • Search on Google for the specific exercise and click on links
  • Search on Youtube for the specific exercise and watch videos
  • Ask a fitness friend to explain & demonstrate exercise

The exercises we provide are traditional and simple to ensure you can find the information online